Corporate Support

Supporting children and young people in your local community to have a better quality of life

At PLUS we have a proven track record of providing a better quality of life for children and young people through our socially inclusive projects and activities.

As a small charity, the support from your company will have a real and lasting impact on the lives of the children we work with.

If you have the opportunity to nominate a charity partner in your workplace, we would be so grateful if you would choose PLUS.

How your company can support PLUS

Collaborating with PLUS really can have a positive impact on your business. It can help to raise your profile, motivate and engage staff, and build customer loyalty; all while giving you the opportunity to be part of something special – providing better quality of lives and transforming the futures of some of the most vulnerable children in our community.

Here are just some of the ways you and your company can get involved but please feel free to contact our team to find out how you can get involved.

Financial Donation

Your organisation can make a one-off financial donation. Click here or get in touch with Susan Fullerton –

Alternatively your organisation can make a regular donation or could sponsor a project or a role in PLUS. Ongoing financial support is a huge help to sustaining our services and directly supports children and young people in the Forth Valley, and their families.

Make PLUS your Charity of the Year

Choosing PLUS as your Charity of the Year is a fantastic way to bring Corporate Social Responsibility to the forefront of your organisation.

A Charity of the Year is a great way to get your whole organisation involved and engaged in a common goal.

We will be very happy to meet with you and discuss initiatives you could undertake over the year. One of our team will be your main point of contact throughout the year and they can come to your workspace to speak with your staff, if helpful.


Taking part in an event for PLUS is a great way to get everyone involved in fun and motivating activities whilst raising vital funds for children in our community. Take part in a PLUS organised event or a local/national challenge. Or why not organise your own event and let your imagination run wild?

Our team will be here to support you with all your fundraising need including; Fundraising T-shirts, Collection buckets/Tins.

Workplace Giving

Enhance your charitable giving activities by offering staff this easy way to donate through their salaries. Payroll giving is simple and tax efficient and gives staff the chance to support vulnerable children in their community the whole year round.

Sponsor a Event

Sponsoring a PLUS event is an exciting way to support our work whilst also engaging employees and raising your profile among existing and potential clients. We have a range of events from our Children’s Christmas Party, Family Networking Events, Transitions Days to fundraising throughout the year and we are always open to new and exciting ideas!

For example, sponsoring the Christmas Party would include costs of the venue, food and entertainment; a gift for each child and young person; decorations.

Your team could help at the event – a few staff to help with logistics, help Santa with gifts, help with food etc.

We would publicise the event and your support and it would be a great photo opportunity.

It’s NOT just about the money

We value other types of support:

Skills your staff have – finance, IT support, Marketing, web support – could you donate a member of staffs time for a day or a week? We are always delighted to look at how we could improve our ways of working and a donation of skills and time can be hugely valuable to a small charity like PLUS.

Time – Staff could volunteer for a day to paint a room, tidy our outdoor space, organise toys and other resources, build new items. There is always something needing done at PLUS!

Donation of items – for example during our recent outdoor space upgrade project, local businesses helped PLUS with donations of materials needed to improve the grounds. Alternatively, you could donate books, toys, resources or even office supplies! PPE donations would be very welcome at this time.

Choose PLUS instead of a Secret Santa at work and purchase items from our Amazon Wish List – click here

Benefits to your Business

Partnering with PLUS gives your organisation an opportunity to genuinely improve local children’s lives. Specifically supporting PLUS

  • Adds value to your CSR policy in terms of engaging with your local community
  • Motivates your team, offers employee involvement, encourages company loyalty and boosts morale
  • Enhances your business’s image, increases brand awareness and makes you stand out in the local community

We will:

  • Share your support on social media, our website, press releases, project literature, funders reports and the PLUS Annual Report
  • Happily collaborate on joint PR
  • Provide you with a dedicated point of contact
  • Provide you with regular updates and demonstrate the impact of your support for you to share internally and with your stakeholders

Every penny raised stays in Forth Valley and is used to improve the quality of lives of children and young people with disabilities and additional support needs

Please get in touch to discuss. Contact Karen Sweeney, CEO at