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Starting in 1988 as one project PLUS has grown over the years, introducing new projects which focus on specific age ranges, support needs and individual outcomes

Services are primarily separated by age, into our under 5’s service, children and young people from ages 5 -17, and our adults services which supports young adults aged 18+.

For more information about specific projects, please see below. To find out more information about a specific service, or to make a general enquiry, please use our enquiry form to contact us direct by clicking here.

PLUS Project Leaflets

Please see below further information about our main services at PLUS:

– Pre 5 Services

Children and Adult Services (5 yrs plus)

Falkirk Services

Please contact for further information, or for Falkirk services.


Play and Chat @ PLUS

This project was initiated by parents who were keen to ensure that parents of pre school children are able to feel supported.

Play and Chat is hosted by PLUS, and is held at our premises on Broadleys Road in Springkerse Industrial Estate, on Friday afternoons. Parents with children from birth – 5 can attend, pre booking and a formal referral is not required.

This group aims to support parents across the Forth Valley whose children have;

– additional support needs

– developmental delays

– disability

– medical conditions

– communication difficulties

Siblings are also welcome to attend.

Running on a weekly basis, on Fridays 1pm – 2.30pm at PLUS in Stirling. Please contact Jemma at or phone 01786 450086 to find out more.


After School Club

ASC runs on Monday and Tuesday for primary school aged children, and Wednesday and Thursday for secondary school aged young people. Children attend from a number of local schools, following the end of their school day and are collected from PLUS by parents / carers between 5.00 and 6.00. Different activities take place each day, with input from children and young people attending. These vary from games, outdoor play, sensory play, crafts, baking, music, technology, messy play, individual time and themed activities.

“I love arts and crafts, bin bag fashion, making jewellery, painting nails, playing on the Wii and making our own snack. I also enjoy the treasure hunts and group games like duck duck goose. If it’s nice weather we go outside planting, playing on the slide or mini bowling with my friends. I miss After School Club when it’s the holidays.” – YP Quote

“I like snack and the different games that we play. I also get to have quiet time if I want.” – YP Quote

“I know my son has a good time, he is safe and the staff really know him. I like that they get to feedback on the activities that they have done that afternoon and tell the staff if they liked or didn’t like it. I also like that they look at everyone’s ability and interests and make sure they are all fully included (if they want to be). When I collect him, there is always someone there to tell me what he has done that afternoon and how he has been.” – Parent Quote

“I find it really reassuring to know my daughter is well looked after, having great fun – baking, arts and crafts, playing pool or even chilling out while having the opportunity to mix with kids her own age. She is supported by people that fully understand her quirks and needs, allowing me a little ‘me time’.” – Parent Quote

“The After School Club is a safe and secure environment where J can relax, meet up with peers and be his own person without parents being around.” – Parent Quote

If you are interested in After School Club and would like to find out more, please contact


Works with children with disabilities aged 5 -11


Play PLUS provides support for children to attend holiday, weekend and evening group play activities. These include themed activity days at the PLUS office, as well as activities in the community like soft play, swimming, trampolining and trips to the cinema.

At all events, each child is allocated a support worker to ensure they are safe and supported to engage and interact with their peers.

‘J really looks forward to his PLUS days. More of them would be great! These are the only times he spends outwith his family and we are totally confident of his safety and enjoyment – that’s a big PLUS!’

Services can be covered through Social Work Care Plans or Direct Payments.  If living within the Stirling Council area, block funding is available for children who do not have allocated social workers


Plus Youth

Works with young people with disabilities aged 12-17.


PLUS Youth provides holiday, weekend and evening group activities with the aim of allowing young people more opportunities to socialise and try new things.  Young people can choose from a wide range of activities, such as dance workshops, laser tag, bowling, themed crafts or relaxed movie nights.  Events take place both in the PLUS office and out in the wider community.  At all events each young person is allocated a support worker to ensure they are safe and supported to engage and interact with their peers.

Plus Youth services can be funded by Social Work Care Plans or Direct Payments.  If living within the Stirling Council area block funding is available for young people who do not have allocated social workers.

ASP Project

ASP has 3 groups – aged 8-11, 12-15 and 16+ for young people with a diagnosis of Aspergers or High Functioning Autism. Each group meet fortnightly.

“M enjoys going to his Aspergers Group once a fortnight as it helps him realise he is not the only child with this and helps to develop his communication skills.” – Parent Quote

“The Aspergers group C has been attending on a Monday on a fortnightly basis has, for a long time, been the only social interaction that C can truly be herself without judgement or ridicule. The support network put in place means C can develop in a safe environment independently from me which is something we both benefit from. The group introduced C to peers, support staff and more importantly friends. C looks forward to spending time at the Aspergers Group and this allows me to look forward to her spending time there. It also gives me a chance to focus on C’s brothers who deserve the same amount of attention but don’t always get it! C’s communication skills have improved along with her patience and ability to listen to others. But above all C is happy when she is at the group. She loves to tell me what she has spent her time doing, telling me the latest gossip and I’m proud of the progress she is making in becoming a little more independent.” – Parent Quote

“Before PLUS we were receiving no support for O. We were having to deal with his diagnosis alone with having had no real experience of Aspergers Syndrome. Since accessing PLUS O has been able to meet peers who have the same interests as him, as well as make new friends. We as parents have also felt supported by PLUS, staff are available via the telephone and are always willing to listen to us” – Parent Quote

“This group has taken me out of my safe bubble, it’s encouraging me to take part in things that I wouldn’t normally be willing to do” – YP Quote

“The group teaches you how to be a team player, this is not a bad thing as it is helping me and teaching me how to effectively communicate with others” – YP Quotes

If you are interested in ASP Project and would like to find out more, please contact

PLUS 1-1 Support

Supports children and young people with disabilities across all age ranges on a one-to-one basis.

This project provides individual staff support to children and young people in their homes or out and about. Families can book the service at times of their choosing by phoning Louise on 01786 450086 or e-mail

To find out more about the PLUS 1-1 support  click here


Adults @ PLUS

Works with young adults with disabilities aged 18-35.


Most of our adult members have grown up attending PLUS, attending various PLUS projects.  From an early age they develop relationships with their peers and strike up long lasting friendships which they can maintain through attending regular events, including days out, afternoons of baking or games at the PLUS office, dinner out together and Club nights.

Adults at PLUS can be funded through Social Work Care Plans or Direct Payments.

If you are interested in Adults @ PLUS and would like to find out more, please contact Becky Laird through


Count Me In

Count Me In aims to support young people from PLUS to access mainstream leisure activities and groups such as youth clubs, Guides, Anchor Boys, etc. Count Me In also works alongside other organisations to increase their capacity to include young people with disabilities, by providing information, advice, training and practical help.

“There is nothing I don’t like about Scouts, and well my PLUS volunteer is fantastic!” – YP Quote

“My PLUS volunteer really understands me and my needs, she is there to explain games when I don’t understand them and provide me with reassurance when I am not too sure about something” – YP Quote

“Count me in has helped M go to groups such as boys brigade and Scouts which he otherwise would not have been able to cope going to alone, however with PLUS’ support he now goes to Scouts and is enjoying his time there, especially all the out doors experiences they offer.” – Parent Quote

“My Son, O, attends Cubs with a volunteer through the Count Me In Project at PLUS. When O is relaxed and comfortable, you get the most from him. To allow Owen to grow, he needs to be pushed out of his comfort zone and by having a volunteer at Cub Scouts; this allows him to do this in a safe and controlled environment. O is never pushed to do more than what he can handle. By attending Cub Scouts with a volunteer, this allows O to have a greater independence, as he knows someone has his back and understands what he can struggle with. Sometimes this is all he needs to gain confidence” – Parent Quote

To find out more about Count Me In, contact Please note there is a wait list currently for Count Me In support (August 2022)

Count Me In has volunteer opportunities available. If you would like to volunteer to support a young person attend a mainstream activity / group regularly, please see the vacancies section for more information and to download the application.

Family PLUS

Provides opportunities for families of PLUS members to exchange information and support each other through meetings and an electronic forum.


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